One night in the terrace, holding his wife
He'd read to her stories while she lied on him.
And as she dozed off, he'd look at her 
And whisper, 'love of my life'

Five months later, one night, sitting besides her belly
He'd speak to her unborn daughter, telling her stories.
He'd tell her how her mom fell for her dad.
He'd tell her how beautiful she was and still is.
He'd tell her how that she might become his number one
And he'd tell her how that would make her mom jealous.
And then his wife would nudge at him, for he'd say, 'No no, not yet, you are still the love of my life'

And four months later that night, at the hospital, holding his daughter
He'd cry and cry with a smile that would not seem to go away
And with tears rolling down,
He'd kiss his daughter on her forehead.
And looking at his wife, he'd say
'Sorry honey, I think I just might have found someone else
that I love a little bit more'

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