It was a Sunday morning.

As the sun lightened the room they woke up.
They rolled around the bed for a while
As she held him and held around him tight.
But then he slowly grazed his hand over her cheeks,
Gave her a kiss and said, 
'Let me make you some coffee, sweetheart'.

Few minutes later, he came back
Holding a cup of coffee.
He crouched behind her and held her up.
As he gave her the cup,
She laid back over him
And started sipping it.

After a few, she asked, 'Did you have some?'
'First take a few sips', he said
As she did, he held her face
And kissed her holding on tightly.
As she blushed, he said 
'The morning coffee's better if it's yours, sweetheart'

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