'Where is your house?', she asked for the umpteenth time.
'It's been where it has always been', he replied.

After a few hours, there was knock at the door.
Surprised to have someone knock at this hour, 
He looked through the peephole
And there she was standing
All dressed in a saree.

With a heavy sigh he looked down 
And clenching his heart, he opened the door.
She walked in, past him to his room.
He followed her and said,
'You do remember what I said and yet you came'
He then paused and pulled her towards him
And holding her he kept his ears over her chest 
And listened intently with a grin all over.
Slowly raising his head, he moved close to her ears and said,
'Someone said they didn't have any love left for me but it seems
it's all coming back a thousand beats per minute'

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