She was my best nap

As the fatigue set in,
The mind still wandered
For lives and for times that mattered.
The mind wavering
The heart pounding
As the restlessness endured
The body suffered.

There was something missing
A touch, a warmth, a love, a trust
And I finally found all.
It was her, all her!
Laying there next to me
On my chest, she held
And looked at me;
For my mind, then settled!
And she caressed;
My heart, finally calmed!
And I slept, slept, slept
Slept till it felt forever.

The next morning
As the sun sneaked through the curtains, I woke up!
Woke up to something even brighter.
It was her, her again,
Her beauty that glared across my eyes
Her warmth that gave me life
Her scent that gave an appetite
For I finally awoke
In a world that was peaceful
And there she was at it’s core.

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