There they were, lying in a hammock
With his daughter cushioned on his chest.

Suddenly looking at him,
She exclaimed, 'Dadda!!!'
'Yes, my honeydew, tell me'
He pulled her close and said.
Her eyes wide open, all curious,
She asked, 'Who do you love the most?'
He replied instantly, 'Your mother'

His wife, who was listening,
Became curious and moved closer.

His daughter, then blushing,
Asked him, 'Why?'
Laughing, he looked at her and asked,
'Did your mother put you up to this?'
'No dadda! Tell meeeee', she screamed.
'Okay, okayyyy, I will' calming her, he continued,
'Long back, your mother had asked me the
same question, and I gave her the same answer
And I couldn't tell her why! But now, thinking of it, I do'

'You are my gem, my blood and I am meant 
To love you but your mother, she wasn't just meant to be.
Hmmm, your mother was the most bold, beautiful, brainy
woman who caught my eye, made my heart stop
and took my breath away, so much so
She became the only women who could tame me
But most importantly, she was always there 
and just became my world'

Hearing this, his wife came,
Laid on his chest to the other side
And said to her daughter, 'Good job, meri jaan'

Smiling, he held them like never before.

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