‘I’ve had nose bleeds, doctor’,  and he continued, ‘Not often, but its been a rare pattern, following body heat or stress’
Knowing him, the doctor replied ‘something, somewhere ought to bleed’
Laughing, he exclaimed ‘that’s true’

‘You work out, right? Do you have cardio and yoga in your routine as well’ the doctor asked
‘A definite no for yoga, I’d leave that to the one who is doing it for the whole country’
‘Cardio, hmm…. once or twice a week but only in the gym’ smirking he replied
As the doctor chuckled, saying ‘you should do more of both’

After writing a prescription, he paused!
Looked at him with a straight face and he quipped ‘do cardio more and not only in the gym’
‘Ah, doctors orders, will do as prescribed’ he left affirming!

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