A Dirty Trick for the night

Coming out of the bath, 
He throws the towel onto the bed.
His wife, staring at him,
Waits for him to pick it up.

But he just walks out to the balcony.
So, annoyed, she takes it out herself.
She starts shouting at him
But it was a cold starry night
And feeling the cold, 
She quickly hangs it up and turns around.

But standing there right behind her,
He grabs her around the waist.
As she starts feeling his warmth,
She grabs a hold of his shirt
And stares, being pissed at him.
But in her mind she goes ‘yen da ipti iruka’.
Pulling her close, he asks, ‘nee yen ipti iruka’
Smiling, she walks away.

The warmth had set in for their night! 

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