While having an argument over starting a family, she stopped!

‘Let’s get a whiskey on the rocks’ she said
Staring at her, he said ‘It’s 12AM’
‘So?’ she exclaimed
And they went and drowned themselves!
‘Let’s have dosa now’ she said
Smiling, he said ‘It’s 3PM’
‘So?’ she exclaimed
And they went and gorged themselves!
‘Let’s see a football match now’ she said
Laughing, he said ‘It’s 4PM’
‘So?’ she exclaimed 
And took him to a nearby ground
To watch a group of local kids play
And as they did, she nudged him to play!

Going back home,
He followed her to the bedroom
And as he did, he stopped at the door,
Folded his hands and said
‘You know, you already have me right?’ 
Slowly turning her back to him, she said
‘I know I have you but I cant get enough of you, I want more, more of you’

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