Houston! We have touchdown . . .

As they sat down together,
He noticed that she was upset.
Moving close to her, 
He said ‘Listen! Whatever it is, it’ll be fine’
And she replied ‘No! I left my purse at office’
‘Why are you upset for that? It will be right there where you left it’ he said, calming her.

‘No that isn’t it! It’s about what was inside’ she exclaimed.
Affirming he said, ‘Sweetheart, that doesn’t change a thing, its going to be still there and you will have it tomorrow, don’t worry’

Again she said ‘No you don’t get it’
And took his hands and kept it on her gut.
Looking at her all confused, 
He said  ‘I don’t understand’
She looked up at him, all smiling now,
And said ecstatically ‘It was a positive pregnancy test, you’re gonna be a dad, my love’

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