It was late evening!
And without realizing there I was,
Slogging, for hours and hours.
Suddenly she stormed in,
All dressed up and ready,
Staring at me all furious.
I had forgotten that it was our date night 
And that she had been waiting for me.
She fought and vented until she walked away
And regardless I just resumed work.

It was late night now!
And I had kept going on to meet a deadline.
Suddenly she came back
But this time in her pyjamas
Holding a plate of food.
She knew I had already missed lunch
And I would be hungry and exhausted.
She knelt besides and started feeding me
Sighing, I just nibbled on her affection.
I, then stopped and carried her
For all I could do was surrender,
Surrender to it, surrender, to her.

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