Coffee at her warmth

It was dawn and he was all wide awake!
He quietly got out of bed so as to not wake her up
And slowly went into the kitchen to make some coffee.
He put on the filter and carried on with his morning rituals.

As the smell of coffee filled the air and the first rays of the sun hit the sky,
There she was, in her pyjama with her hair all over the place
Walking into the kitchen, grabbing his waist and resting her head over his hand.
She took her coffee mug and kept it in front of him as the milk boiled over.
He poured the milk, some sugar and the fresh coffee into it.

But as she reached out to it, he carried and put her on his shoulder.
He then picked up the coffee mug and went onto the porch.
There, he laid the mug over the teapoy and sat down with her in his arms.
Breathing over him, she looked at him with those dozy Disney eyes.
As he took a sip of the coffee from the mug
She kissed him and kissed him back and again 
Until there was none of it left in the mug, except that warmth!

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