A Tryst with an Ex

Texting her, he sent, 'Happy B'day'
'Thanks! Shall we meet?, she asked.
'YES'. he replied immediately.

At the restaurant, she sees and walk
Towards him and hugs him.
He held her back and said, 
'You still make me feel the same way as I did all those years back when I first realized that I was in love with you'
And blushing, she quipped 'Did I?'

They sat down and went on talking
And talking and talking . . . 

And towards the end, before they parted, he said,
'It's a shame that you are married cause we would have had amazing kids. For they would have witnessed a love and upbringing that would have had even the angels drool from above'

With tears in her eyes, she smiled
And said, 'Boo'.

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